Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy represents how Get My Ticks Booking collect, use and share the information that it collects from you (User & Organizer) through the means of our services on website.

Information that we Collect


Some of the features of our site are easily accessible without requiring you to provide any personal information. In such case, our site will only acquire your non-personal information like the web pages you have viewed. To access certain features or services you may need to provide some Personal Information which might include your name and email address among other things. You are responsible for providing accurate data to Get My Ticks Booking. Submitting inaccurate information may lead to problems in your access to the website or our ability to contact you. Any other data asked in the form of questions relating to your personal, academic or professional background is just for the sake of research and development purposes so that we can send information related to your interests in future.


As an organizer you will require to provide some additional information including those applicable to users.
In some cases, we may collect your credit card details in order to ensure payment security, depending on the mode of payment you have selected. If you are using our payment gateway, then you need to provide your bank account details and other information required for tax purposes.
We may even collect your personal data from third parties too.


As an Attendee, you will have to provide some additional personal data including those mentioned for users.
If you are registering for an event from our website, we would collect your bank details for payment process. Some organizers even set webpages asking for an Attendee’s information at the time of registration. If you fill up that information, it will be available to us in accordance to our Privacy Policy.
We might collect your information from third parties if found necessary.

How we use your Personal Information

We use the personal information provided by you to send promotional newsletters or for processing your inquiries and requests. We might also use your personal information for research activities like learning your usage pattern or the way you access our services so that we can improvise or introduce necessary changes in our website and the services we offer you.
We may archive this information for future communications with you for our marketing or advertising purposes, including without limitation, to inform you about events of your interest. If we intend to use any personal data in any manner that is not consistent with this Privacy Policy, you will be informed of such anticipated use prior to or at the time we collect your personal information or we will obtain your consent prior to such use.

How we disclose your Personal Information

While dealing with legal issues, we reserve the right to disclose your Personal Information according to the requirements of the law when we feel that doing so will result in company’s interest. In case of mergers or acquisitions by third parties, we reserve the right to share any information which might include your details to a successor.

How we keep your Personal Information secure

To ensure the security of your personal details is our utmost concern. We use physical, technical and administrative security measures to keep your Personal Information safe. We see to it that we don’t share it with third parties except for those reasons provided in this Privacy Policy until and unless it is essential.
There is always a risk of third-party intruders who might find a way to attack our security systems. It is your responsibility to safeguard your login details. Please note that the e-mails and messages that you drop on our site must not be encrypted.

How you can update or delete your Personal Information

You have all the rights of modifying your information that you previously provided to our site. You can login into the site, visit your user account page and alter the details. You can even choose whether to receive any material from us or not. But, there will be some residual information which may or may not include your Personal Information that may be stored in our databases.
If you have any other privacy-related issues or queries, you can contact us on

Why we make use of Cookies

Cookie refers to a small piece of data that is sent to your browser by the web server you are browsing on. This data enables the web server to remember details about you when you browse it again in future. It also helps your computer to access information faster and in an efficient way on a particular website. Well, you can learn more about cookies from authorized sources.
We make use of cookies to identify you whenever you visit our website. Storing user-specific information like your frequent page visits or your browser type enable us to present a more personalised view of the site to our registered users. You will be made aware of the cookies in any of the following ways –

  • Your browser will send a prompt message asking whether to accept or decline cookies
  • You might receive a warning before the cookies get stored on your hard drive
  • Or, your browser might accept the cookies automatically if your browser settings permit to do so.

Well, you can refer to your browser settings to learn more about cookies and to deal with them manually. However, some features or services on the website might not be functional if you choose to disable cookies that we provide on your computer.

Your Choices

When it comes to your Personal Data, you have several options to make your choice. This includes:

  • Limit the Personal Data you provide
  • Opt out from electronic communications

Copyright Policy

Several issued patents or pending patents apply to the services provided on our website. The content of the services is also protected by copyrights owned by Get My Ticks Booking or third parties. Please note that if you try to copy portions of the services, you are violating these patent rights and copyrights.

International Privacy Laws

Get My Ticks Booking is primarily operated and managed on servers located in (India). As we know that the nature of the internet is global, the process and transactions might be of an international nature. Eventually, the processing of information electronically might be in international manner and thus have respective effects. But we adhere to strict data protection standards to ensure that your information remains secure by all means to the extent feasible under the applicable law.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Kindly note that we review our privacy practices periodically and these practices are subject to change. Any modification, update, or change in the Privacy Policy will be immediately effective as soon as we post it on our website. We recommend you to visit our page of Privacy Policy from time to time for any updates.

Contact Us

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